Lady-Friendly Sex Toy Stores Across the U.S.

sex_writing-291x300Move to a new city and you’ll have to find a new hair salon, dentist, gynecologist, massage therapist — and, more difficult than any of those, a great, classy, clean, comfortable place to buy your vibrators. As a public service, we compiled this list. Please let us know if there are more we should add — we can’t be everywhere at once!

Babeland (Seattle, Brooklyn, New York City)

Coco de Mer (Los Angeles)

The Pleasure Chest (Los Angeles)

Early to Bed (Chicago)

Eve’s Garden (New York City)

Forbidden Fruit (Austin, Texas)

Good Vibrations (San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland, Calif.; Brookline, Mass.)

Grand Opening! (Boston)

Liberator (Atlanta)

Playthings (Miami)

The Pleasure Chest (Chicago)

Pleasures of the Heart (San Rafael, Calif.)

The Rubber Rose (San Diego)

Self Serve Toys (Albequerque, N.M.)

She Bop (Portland, Ore.)

Smitten Kitten (Minneapolis)

The Tool Shed (Milwaukee)

A Woman’s Touch (Madison, Wisc.)