Links for Sexy Feminists: Rape debate rages, Phyllis Diller dies, and more …

It Was Rape: Feminist author/filmmaker/all-around cool chick Jennifer Baumgardner needs your help. Click here to help fund her It Was Rape documentary, which will explore “how denial allows rape to thrive.” Alas, this project is all too timely with the misinformation being spewed by Rep. Todd Akin, who thinks “legitimate rape” somehow doesn’t cause pregnancy. (You may remember Akin from the debate over “forcible rape,” in which he conspired with our illustrious VP candidate Paul Ryan to distinguish that kind of rape from, um, the other—nonexistent—kind.)

YourTango Explores the Tricky Territory of the Money Talk: When should you bring $$ into the <3 equation? We don’t know, so their guess is as good as ours.

Jezebel Profiles the 24-Year-Old Who’s Willing to Die for the Anti-Abortion Movement: Lila Rose says, “I’m all in for this cause.”

Phyllis Diller Dies: The Grande Dame of comedy, who gained fame in the ’60s through several appearances on Bob Hope specials, was 95. Read more about her at

The Single-Sex Class Trend Is “Rooted in Stereotypes,” ACLU Report Says: The organization says the idea is based on “discredited science” and calls for reasonable alternatives to be offered.