Links for Sexy Feminists: Magical HIV-fighting condoms, Hillary’s possible presidential run, and more …

Now this is the future we’d hoped for: No flying cars, but io9 tells us about these female “condoms” that contain HIV-fighting drugs, kill sperm, then disappear, no muss, no fuss, thanks to nanotechnology. No wonder these scientists got a million-dollar grant.

25 articles every woman should read: We agree, HuffPo, though we think men should read them, too.

Hillary Clinton is basically running for president: Or we’re all acting like it, or we just miss having an election to talk about, or we just enjoy fanciful daydreams. The New Yorker breaks down the pros and cons. We’re not the only ones kinda moony-eyed over the idea, either.

Women are now a third of nation’s doctors and lawyers: So says The Wall Street Journal.

Two sexual assaults reported at Yale this week: The Yale Daily News reports