Sexy Feminist Halloween

We won’t reiterate our feelings on all the “sexy” Halloween costumes being trotted out again this year. You know how we feel.

Instead, we wanted to offer up some totally badass feminist costume ideas, and ask you to share your own.

Hillary Clinton in “Texts From Hillary.” Going as the Secretary of State is feminist and awesome in itself, but going as her meme garners the type of pop culture hilarity that every costume aficionado dreams of.

Liz Lemon. Imagine the possibilities!: Liz as Princess Lea trying to get out of jury duty. High school science geek Liz with an awesome ‘fro. Liz with Tom Selleck, her mustache. Sex hotline Liz. Liz inadvertently stealing a baby (no sitter needed for the night!)… Plus, she’s the most feminist imaginary person we’ve had on television since Mary Richards.

Mary Richards. You get to dress warm (in adorable vintage threads no less) and throw a beret in the air. You’ll also be going as Oprah’s hero, so major feminist points there.

Zombie, Vampire, Monster, etc. No need to add “sexy” to these classic spooky costumes. They’re always in style, totally DIY and (unfortunately) surprising at a party.